Staff, Board & Friends

Librarian: Lew Daniels

Children’s Librarian: Mary Nyman

Assistant Librarian: Joan Geissler

Assistant Librarian: Brittany Pearson

LTA: Kaley DeGoursey

Custodians: Amelia Ehlers

Library Board of Trustees

  • Chairman: Kathleen Cietanno
  • Vice Chairman: MaryJo Noonan
  • Treasurer: Norma Roman
  • Recording Secretary: Martha Neale
  • Katharine Bishop
  • Gina Fifield
  • Rosemary Einsmann
  • Megan Ruppenicker
  • Katherine Holbrook Richard

Board meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Library.

Friends of the Westbrook Public Library

  • President: Elaine Crawford
  • Secretary: Jane Luca
  • Treasurer: Don Shirer