Text Alerts

Sign up for Text Message Notifications

Keep up-to-date with your library account on your mobile phone using the library’s Shoutbomb text messaging service.

  • Receive text notices about items available to pick up, items due soon, overdue items and fines.
  • Send a text to request a renewal and receive a text back with the result of your request.
  • Send a text to see your account’s expiration date.
  • Set up multiple library accounts (barcodes) on the same phone.

PLEASE NOTE: The library does NOT charge a fee for this service, but your cell phone plan’s regular text-messaging rates apply.

What you need

  • A text messaging-capable mobile phone
  • Subscription to text messaging (confirm with your cell phone service plan)
  • The fourteen digit barcode number from your library card

To sign up, please follow the instructions below. If you have a prepaid phone and are not sure which mobile provider to select on the form, try using this Carrier Lookup Tool.

Sign up using your Phone
  1. Text the word SIGNUP to the email address lion@shoutbomb.com
  2. Then reply to the messages from Shoutbomb with your library card number

Once your Shoutbomb registration has been completed, you will automatically get text notices about items available to pick up, items that are due soon, overdue items and fines. A text will be sent when activity on your account triggers a message or when you text a command.

Frequently asked questions:

Will I be charged for this service?

The library doesn’t charge a fee for this service, but your cell phone plan’s regular text messaging rates still apply. Check with your cell phone service provider to see the cost of text messages in your service plan.

How do I sign up for the Shoutbomb service?

  1. Send a text message with only the keyword SIGNUP to lion@shoutbomb.com.
  2. You will receive a reply asking you for your library card number. If you receive a reply telling you that we could not understand your message, this typically means that the text was typed incorrectly. For example, “signup” is correct while “sign up” is not.
  3. Reply with only the information requested. If library card number is mistyped, an error message will be sent asking for the number again. Verify the library card number and resend. If you resend the same number you will not receive a reply. (See What do I do if I don’t get a reply? for more info.)
  4. If the library card number is valid, you will receive a message thanking you for registering.
  5. This completes the signup process.

How do I send a text message to an email address?

Nearly every text-capable phone has the ability to send messages to an email address. In the “To:” field, type lion@shoutbomb.com
You can create a new contact, and instead of adding a phone number, add the lion@shoutbomb.com email address. Give the contact a name, such as LION NOTICES, that will be easy to remember.

When will I receive texts?

Overnight processing sends texts only when activity on your account triggers a message. These are sent between 7 AM and 9AM. As items are put on the hold shelf during the day, text notifications are sent hourly.

What commands are available with the Shoutbomb service?

Text commands to lion@shoutbomb.com — commands are not case sensitive.
[note: You cannot use the same command more than 3 times in a day.
This limitation is in place to protect from spam attacks.]

General services commands

SIGNUP – Register for text messaging service.
QUIT – sign off from the text messaging service.
ADDCARD – Add new card(s) (i.e. barcode) to the same phone (e.g. spouse, children)
DROPCARD – Remove cards from phone
HELP – Request detailed descriptions and how to use each keyword.
ISBN – Texting  the letters ISBN and a 10- or 13-digit ISBN number to search the library catalog. Useful if you are in a bookstore and want to check library holdings.
MYCARDS – Shoutbomb will return the registered card number(s) and expiration date(s) of the account(s)

NOTICES – Current status of all opt in/opt out services
The following commands toggle notification ON or OFF.
All options are automatically turned ON when you sign up.
FEES Fee notification. toggles opt in/opt out
ANNOUNCEMENTS Broadcast messages. toggles opt in/opt out
OVERDUE Overdue notifications. toggles opt in/opt out
RENEW Renewal notification. toggles opt in/opt out
HOLDS Holds notification. toggles opt in/opt out
RESEND – Resend the last message(s) from Shoutbomb.
TEST – Test your connection to Shoutbomb service.

Hold commands

HOLDS – Toggles hold notices on or off.
HL – Request a list of your items currently on the hold shelf.

Renewal commands

RENEW – Toggle notification on or off for due date warnings.
RA – Request to renew all eligible items (not overdues).
OA – Request to renew all overdue items.
ALL – Request to renew all eligible items, including overdues.
RI – Request to show items NOT eligible for renewal.
OI – Request to show OVERDUE items NOT eligible for renewal.
RL – Request for list of eligible items (not overdues) to choose to renew.
OL – Request for list of eligible OVERDUE items to choose to renew.
RW – Request for reasons WHY items not eligible to renew.
OW – Request for reasons WHY overdue items not eligible to renew.

What if I switch phones but keep the same number?

If you switch to a new cell phone and the phone number remains the same it won’t always transfer the service to the new phone. Text the keyword SWITCHPHONE to lion@shoutbomb.com and follow any prompts.

Can I have more than one account on the same Phone?

Yes, you can manage multiple library cards from a single phone. Text ADDCARD to lion@shoutbomb.com. You will need to know the library card number for the card you want to add. Text MYCARDS to confirm that all accounts are associated with your phone.

How do I report an issue?

If you are experiencing any issues with the service or you would like to make a suggestion for improvement, please text/email your comments to lion.support@shoutbomb.com

How do I quit using the Shoutbomb service?

To end all text notifications and cancel your registration, text the message QUIT to lion@shoutbomb.com, then reply to the instructions from Shoutbomb.

What do I do if I don’t get a reply from the Shoutbomb service?

The Shoutbomb service processes all request within 60 seconds of receiving your message, but some cell phone providers do not deliver this first message promptly.

  1. Wait and see if the reply arrives.
  2. If after 4 hours you still have not received a reply, send the keyword RESEND to lion@shoutbomb.com.
  3. Note: You can only use the RESEND command three times per day. This limitation is in place to protect from spam messages. If you do not receive a reply within a day, send an email detailing your issue to lion.support@shoutbomb.com.